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To Kill a Man

And so we begin the murder of a good man… We will murder his spirit, his idealism, his courage, and blind his sparkling eyes. We will chip at his character, and instill despair in place of his naïve hope.

For in our world, there is no room for a man as such! There is no room for free spirits, idealism, love, courage, twinkling eyes. There is no room for kind characters and hopeful individuals!!! And we, as a whole, will make certain our world remains as is! Why? Because we’d rather tear down a man than build up a society.. We’d rather build a quick and easy reputation by appearing better than the best of characters, than to work on becoming better individuals. Let us unite, hand in hand, and make sure no such “good” man appears and succeeds!

To kill a man



What we hate in others is what we’re ashamed of in ourselves.


From the day the darkness exploded and expanded, death was to follow. At the instant that time became time, it began to run out. Life and death are but two sides to the same coin. When something is given life, it is inevitably given death at the same instant. When a thought is thought, it is inevitably going to be forgotten. When a movement is made, it will eventually come to rest. The eros and thanatos are always in an epic battle, but the battle is in one direction, and that is in the direction of annihilation. Over the horizon, we can wish and hope that there will be something to do, or we can wish and hope for eternal rest. The wisest of humans are the ones who have come to terms with death, and come to terms with the possibility of infinite annihilation or infinite life, both of which can be rather unsavory outcomes.  



Superior Naivety

There’s a consistent need for those who feel morally superior to spew out their naive superiority, in an attempt to bestow upon us a merciless mercy. Some of the ugliest people are the ones shrouded in shrouds, who hold opinions ranging from “goodness”, “kindness”, and other topics; the problem is, for them it’s just theoretical because they don’t practice what they preach. Although, they may act as if they are practicing what they preach… look deeper and you’ll find that they are trying to belong somewhere, with some people, and are trying to not only shroud themselves for publicity, but are also shrouding themselves from themselves out of fear of themselves. 

It is often easy for the true moral people to take a backseat to the darkness and hatred of those who are under the impression that they are morally superior. It is often common that those with real principles, grounded in fairness, kindness, and true mercy will take a back seat, out of despair that the world around them is not ready for honesty and real compassion. The world is full of actors, and life itself is an act for many, if not for most. But for the few, acting is just not a way to live; but in a world of actors, acting seems to be the way for influence. I for one refuse to be an actor, and a friend to actors.



A Horse with No Name

Riding on a horse without a name

With no one to talk to nor blame

An eternal game, life and desire’s flame

Who’s who? And to whom do we belong for claim?

Fortune and fame, it all seems lame

But leaving it for others is a poor shame

And so here I am, riding on a horse

A horse without a name, whom I do not claim, with no one to blame

And I too belong to no one for claim! Striving for life, desire, fortune

And fame… To keep the arrogant tame, and remind the shameful of their




In Defense of the Insane

It’s not the timid schizophrenic who I fear. He is busy being tormented with the demons that haunt him. It is not the manic nor the depressed nor the anxious that I fear, for they too are haunted by demons and often require a friend and some help. Rather, it’s the “normal” people that do not hesitate hurting one another, judging one another, sabotaging one another, and who are awfully quick to punish and ostracize those they consider to be different or insane.

Is it not the “normal” masses that attacked scientists, philosophers, and thinkers time and time again, stunting the progression of human civilization? Is it not the normal who hoard money, selfishly, while their neighbors starve? Is it not the normal who have locked up criminals who were nothing more than a product of the “normal” society? Is it not the normal who have tortured others, in the name of upholding the law? Is it not the normal who have followed tyrant after tyrant straight down the road to hell? Is it not the normal who have delusions about human significance? Is it not the normal who share a common delusion of human grandiosity? 

What is so normal about normalcy? image


Dr. Window

Everyone pretends to be normal and be your friend. But underneath everyone is living some other life you don’t know about. If we only had a camera on us, at all times, we could watch each other’s tapes and find out what each of us is really like.

—James Franco 

(Source: onlinecounsellingcollege)

Unfed Boy

He has gone unfed

A piece of unreachable bread

Nourishing fear and dread 

Vultures soar, hungry for the dead

As he goes unfed

His mother’s heart has bled

And bleeds, as her son goes cold 

And dead